Who We Are

"We believe that the brightest moment of the day is when we see our community clean and beautiful."

El Jicaro Corp Story:

Jicaro is the name of the fruit trees that once lived in my grandfather's farm. Fond memories that create an undying passion for the agricultural life, a path that has taken us to care for the land now just like our grandfather once did. We have 50 years of experience in agriculture , and 20 years of experience in landscape management.

My father's name is Cesar Mejia Sr. and my name is Cesar Mejia Jr., and we are the owners and operators of this company. We hope you could bring us aboard and give us the opportunity to take care of your property.

Our Mission:

Our Mission:

To build communities where every household has a sustainable landscape and their own vegetable garden. We want families to be more involved in building their own Florida Native gardens. We want families to be passionate about learning the benefits of plants, to wonder which plants have health properties, which ones attract butterflies or can plants even repel mosquitoes. We want to help them in picking and planting their first fruit tree, and listening from them months later how they have enjoyed seeing it grow.

"To not just service our community , but to be the bridge of education that will make them want to get involved in the caring of their environment."