Organic Fertilization and Organic Pest Control

"We should bring in an environmental attitude, and i think luxury should be sustainability and quality" - Jochen Zeitz

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Composting is the best organic method to improve soil conditions.

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Nitrogen is one of the macro-nutrients that are required in large quantities, and it can be found in the decomposition of any green organic matter.

Plants require their nutrients from mainly 2 main categories: Natural Environment nutrients and fertilization.

Natural environment nutrients are obtained from the sun, water and soil. That is the main reason why the program "Right plant in the Right place" holds such an important role in sustainability.

  • Understanding whether your soil is alkaline or acidic will give you a good idea what plant you should place in your property, combining your plant soil demand to your soil character will yield the happiest environment for your landscape.
  • Creating hydro zones to control the water intake of your landscape diminishes the appearance of fungus sicknesses that appear due to over watering. Hydro zones are an earth-friendly technique as well since it helps preserves our water resources.
  • All plants need the sun rays to survive since its the energy that plants use, along with water to make photosynthesis possible. Sun and water act together to build the carbon molecules responsible for making the carbohydrates that feed the plants. That is why we always recommend plants with part shade or full sun, never full shade.

Nutrition and fertilization are also needed in every landscape. Proper fertilization and nutrition additives keep plants strong and avoid fertilization deficiency.
  • Nitrogen = Critical for photosynthesis and its a part of protein and the chlorophyll detoxification. Its deficiency causes reduced growth, chlorosis, and smaller leaves.
  • Phosphorus = Helps strengthen the root system and helps transfer energy from one to point to another and helps plants fight disease. Its deficiency causes less root growth and leaf size which causes less food intake for the plant.
  • Potassium = Known as the quality nutrient , it helps the plants absorb the water, and it activates up to 60 different enzymes involved in plant growth.Its deficiency causes discoloration and less resilient to high temperatures and pest problems.

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"Humic acid is a bio-degradation of organic matter that is used to enhance plant growth." (Ohio University)

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Seaweed is a great fertilizer that fights off pests due to its acidic compounds, keeps soil moist and has over 60 trace minerals.

Fertilization Package under right timing Methods

Friendly Fertilization Package

  • 1 slow release fertilization for plants and lawn including thatch control for nitrogen production. Spring fertilizer.
  • 1 Inorganic fertilization for plants and lawn before summer heat arrives, along with a pest prevention application.
  • 1 Complete fertilization for plants, lawn, trees and palms. Spread during October.