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Environmental Care

Importance of Water calculation

According to studies done by the University of Texas and the University of Florida, one of the leading reasons behind a landscapes susceptibility to disease and pest is stress caused by either over watering or under watering. Light watering is an important cause to weak root systems, which is dangerous to a plants health since this diminishes their nutrient reserve, and over watering impedes the roots from absorbing oxygen, being a main cause to fungal disease and root rot.

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St.Augustine management

  • Use a combination of slow release fertilization and fast release fertilization through out the year
  • Do not cut more that 1/3 of the leaf blade per cutting
  • If 1 inch of thatch is present, lawn has to be aerated to decrease dangers of chinch bug.
  • Appearance of the dollar weed is an indicator of over watering.
  • Water 3 times weekly with 1/2-3/4 inch of water.

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Butterfly Gardens

Creating a beautiful garden that attracts butterflies must be one of the most rewarding things that a homeowner could do . From the choosing of the correct nectar plants , to the implementation of native plants and colorful perennials to their gardens, is a journey that becomes joyful art.

"nectar plants are great in attracting pollinators, and the milkweed plant is a monarchs favorite " ,(National Wildlife Federation)

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