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Reinvigorate Your Patchy, Brown Lawn

Call us for sod installation in Pinecrest, Miami, FL

You've tried everything to create a picture-perfect lawn, but nothing is working. It's time to think about sod installation. El Jicaro Corp offers sod installation services to homeowners in the Pinecrest, Miami, FL area. We are a trusted sod supplier.

Since we control the farm-to-house delivery process, your sod will arrive fresh and healthy, instead of what you might find sitting in a nursery for who knows how long. Get in touch with us right away to order sod for your lawn.

Take a closer look at our sod installation services

We'll do more than just install sod at your property in Pinecrest, Miami, FL. We can also:

  • Help you choose from five different grass varieties.
  • Establish a watering program for your sod.
  • Perform diagnostic tests throughout the year.

Don't let an unhealthy lawn drag down your curb appeal. Contact a trusted sod supplier now to get the best type of sod for your yard.