At El Jicaro Corp, we pride ourselves in providing the landscape and lawn care services that bring beauty and value to your home. We install only the best products and in a professional manner. 

Call our landscape professionals and we will give you the best service. We provide fast delivery and professional installation.

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lawn care services in miami, fl

Organic Mulching and Decorative Rocks

professional landscaping in miami fl

Soil and sod placement

landscaping in miami fl

Home Improvement

Feature 1

We specialize in completing projects, ranging from individual homes to large communities.

  1. Organic Mulching
  2. Pine Bark Mulch
  3. Eucalyptus and Cypress Mulch
  4. Red, Brown , and Gold Mulch
  5. Decorative rocks
  6. Sand and Gravel

Feature 2

We provide great prices for landscape clearing, great planting soil, and fresh harvested sod.

  1. Landscape Clearing
  2. Lawn Service
  3. Florida soil with perlite and peat
  4. St. Augustine Grass
  5. Bermuda Grass
  6. Bahia Grass
  7. Centipede Grass

Feature 3

For us, Landscape includes all the components involved in making your house look beautiful.

  1. Wooden Floor Installation
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  3. Painting
  4. Pressure Cleaning
  5. House Garbage Clearing
  6. Hardscape