How Homeowners can get involved in sustainability.

dl-02Regardless of thought , global climate temperatures are rising , and as many countries change their policies to increase green energy and develop sustainable methods in an attempt to decrease the dangerous effects of climate change , we citizens can either wait to see how these government policies might change our environment or we can get involved.

In the 2005 World Summit on Social Development; economic development , social development , and environment protection were named as the three pillars of the sustainability movement. One pillars development was as important as the other , and human quality of life depended on the development of all three.

Another important event currently occurring, is the Paris Agreement . A cooperation between all developed countries to aid climate initiatives at the beginning of 2020, through either favorable policies or financial aid.

Besides the various global movements that are supporting sustainability , we also see at a local level certain changes being made to increase our well being as a society. Such changes include  stricter county codes that protect tree canopy, better public transportation , creation of business development centers, and beautification of public areas using green practices and sustainable landscaping. Such changes are being made at all levels and there are various ways we can get involved.

In our state of Florida , some of the ways home owners can get involved include decreasing the spill of water , the implementation of xeriscape to their landscape, using organic mulch , preventing over fertilization, and building root barriers instead of cutting down trees.  Homeowners could also decide to get more involved in social services, or even smile more often to neighbors instead of showing  them disrespect, thus increasing social happiness in the neighborhood. Homeowners could also plant a tree to increase canopy percentage in the neighborhood, all it really takes is just a desire to get involved.

From all pillars of sustainability , environment protection and social development is one where we can start having an immediate impact.

So just go out and do it , PLANT A TREE , GIVE A SMILE !


Thank You

Dont Forget to Smile